Nexans Bets on Millennials with its VIE Programme

In today’s fast-paced environment employee agility is a critical component of any company’s success. At the same time, mobility opportunities and international experience offered within a company can be a valuable step in the employee’s career path and an indispensable factor for her / his professional fulfilment.

Last week, as part of its talent acquisition programme, Nexans participated in Volunteering for International Experience fair (VIE or Volontariat International en Entreprise in French). Launched on the national level by the French Government, the VIE initiative seeks to empower young people to get strong professional experience abroad by supporting French companies in their international business development.

During the Volunteering for International Experience fair that took place in Paris, Nexans had a chance to present the company and various VIE opportunities worldwide to over 1,700 students from the best business schools and universities in France. The face-to-face meeting with the VIE candidates resulted in over 70 applications for the Group’s open positions in engineering and manufacturing, marketing, as well as HR functions.

Nexans Bets on Millennials with its VIE Programme“VIE is a unique chance for all ambitious young professionals to step outside their comfort zone and gain a better understanding of themselves as well as the world around them,” said Timothée Chauveau, Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding manager at Nexans. “And at the same time, as they bring new skill sets and perspectives to Nexans, VIE volunteers are considered as a precious asset for our global development”.

At Nexans, VIE is part of the Group’s larger graduate programme that includes AIESEC partnership as well as various internship and apprenticeship opportunities.

To learn more about the programme and apply for open VIE positions at Nexans, visit

Olivier Codou

“I think there is no better way than a VIE to start your career in Project Management at Nexans. In addition, it is a perfect chance to get the experience that most of recruiters are looking for.”
Olivier Codou, Project Manager in Subsea Energy Systems at Nexans and ex-VIE.

Monika Lucka

“Thanks to my VIE background, I have acquired strong professional experience and developed the necessary skills that allow me to adapt easily. Plus, working in a different cultural environment was highly rewarding.”
Monika Lucka, Nexans Europe Reporting Manager and ex-VIE.