Nexans Approves LANTEK® 7 for Certification of LANmark-7 GG45' Cabling System

Certification of LANmark-7 GG45Paris, January 15, 2004 - Nexans has approved the LANTEK® 7 cable tester for certification of the LANmark-7 GG45� Category 7 cabling system according to the EN50173-1, Class F standard. The announcement clears the way for the installation of future-orientated network cabling solutions.

The Nexans LANmark-7 GG45� system uses the GG45 connector as recommended by EN50173-1, Class F. This results in a future-proof Category 7 cabling system that offers maximum performance with a high degree of investment protection. The cabling system is capable of handling future 600 MHz applications and is also backward compatible with Category 6/ISO E installations. Compatibility with the well-established RJ45 connector ensures that the cabling system works with all existing Category 5 and Category 6 components, and if required can be upgraded to Category 7/Class F through the simple exchange of patch cords. 

Currently, LANTEK® 7 is the only LAN Cable Certifier on the market that is able to test and certify Category 7/Class F installations according to the ratified EN50173-1, Class F standard. The approval of LANTEK® 7 by Nexans for certification of the LANmark-7 GG45� system is seen as further confirmation of this market leading position. The basis of the approval was matching comparison tests between a Nexans network analyzer and the LANTEK® 7 tester.

For the first time, LANTEK® 7 allows on-site testing and certification of the LANmark-7 GG45� cabling system over the whole 600 MHz frequency range and in accordance to procedures defined in the standard. Up until now, field measurements were only possible up to 300-MHz. Measurements up to 600 MHz had to be performed using complex laboratory equipment.

To support the GG45 connector, IDEAL INDUSTRIES offers a new Permanent Link adapter equipped with 600 MHz technology. These GG45 test and calibration kits (p/n: 1019-00-1100) will be available in January 2004.

This approval signals a major breakthrough for Nexans and IDEAL INDUSTRIES. Other cable manufacturers are sure to follow now that the final obstacle to the full Category 7/Class F implementation has been overcome. LANTEK® 7 - the only tester that guarantees certification according to the published Category 7 standard.

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