Nexans signs a sponsorship agreement with “Electriciens sans frontières”

Nexans will supply 50% of the NGO’s annual cable needs over three years, confirming its commitment to participating in solidarity initiatives that support disadvantaged communities


Paris, April 21st, 2011 – Nexans, a worldwide leading expert in the cable industry, today announced that it has signed a three-year sponsorship agreement with “Electriciens sans frontières” (ESF), an international solidarity non-governmental organization (NGO). Under this agreement, Nexans will supply 50% of ESF’s annual needs for low and medium voltage power cables to the value of 300,000 euro over three years. The cables will be manufactured in the Nexans plants based in Jeumont and Autun in France.

Nexans signs a sponsorship agreement with “Electriciens sans frontières” Frédéric Vincent, President and CEO of Nexans, explained why the Group supports ESF: “As a key enabler of growth and progress, sustainable development is at the core of our business. Nexans is an expert in the energy industry and electric power infrastructure and is committed to contributing its expertise and products to responsible projects, which in turn make a positive contribution to the most disadvantaged communities.”

Nexans’ power cables will enable ESF to carry out a number of development projects in the fields of education and healthcare, school and health centre electrification, etc. They will also be used by ESF during humanitarian emergency operations.

Nexans signs a sponsorship agreement with “Electriciens sans frontières” “Most of our installations involve significant investment in cables, especially in projects where power is consumed at long distances from where it is generated. Nexans’ support in the form of its cables is therefore critical to ensure the material, financial and technical feasibility of our projects”, explained Hervé Gouyet, President of ESF. “One of our projects utilizing Nexans cables is located in Madagascar. It involves equipping a hydropower plant with a capacity of about 700kW and connecting some 800 households who will receive electricity via a 35 km medium voltage line. Nexans cables will also be used to implement a project in Laos, aimed at bringing electricity to some 1,300 households distributed among 24 villages. This project includes the connection of 90 mini-hydropower plants with a capacity ranging from 500 W to 1 kW, located at an average distance of 2 km from the respective villages. In total, over 150 km of Nexans cables will be installed in this project in Phongsaly province.”

Facilitating access to energy

Nexans signs a sponsorship agreement with “Electriciens sans frontières” ESF’s mission is to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged populations by improving access to energy as a development enabler. To this end, the NGO conducts international solidarity projects. It also carries out audit missions on the electric facilities of other international solidarity organizations. ESF is also available at any time for emergencies, such as the 2010 earthquake in Haiti where the NGO currently leads an urban lighting programme in refugee camps.

Throughout its operations, ESF strives to leverage the human and power resources available to beneficiaries. This includes replacing expensive polluting solutions (such as candles, batteries, kerosene lamps, etc.) with sustainable environmentally-friendly alternatives such as hydropower, photovoltaic solar power and energy efficiency. In addition, the NGO ensures that its projects create revenue-generating activities for local populations.

200 ESF projects are underway in 42 countries. They involve 1,000 ESF members and are supported by the NGO’s partners as well as individual donations.

Nexans’ sponsorship and solidarity initiatives

Nexans’ support for ESF is part of the Group’s continuous solidarity and citizenship initiatives and, more broadly, of its sustainable development and sponsorship policy. Currently, Nexans also sponsors the “Great Versailles” palace renovation project and the new Louvre-Lens museum project in France.

As part of Nexans’ solidarity policy, the Group’s employees worldwide work locally in partnership with competent organizations. They contribute to many initiatives across various fields, including support for vulnerable or disadvantaged people, sport or education and training.

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Über Nexans

Nexans, eins der führenden weltweit agierenden Unternehmen in der Kabelindustrie, stellt die Energie in den Mittelpunkt seiner Geschäftstätigkeit und bietet seinen Kunden ein umfassendes Sortiment an Kabeln und Kabelsystemen. Als einer der wichtigsten Akteure auf dem Infrastrukturmarkt sowie in der Industrie, der Baubranche und auf dem Markt für lokale Datennetzwerke entwickelt Nexans Lösungen für Energie-, Transport- und Telekommunikationsnetzwerke, den Schiffsbau, die Erdölchemiebranche, die Nuklearindustrie, die Automobilindustrie, Anbieter von Schienenfahrzeugen, die Elektronikindustrie, den Flugzeugbau sowie die Bereiche Materialtransport und Automatisierung. Nachhaltige Entwicklung bildet einen integralen Bestandteil der globalen Betriebsstrategie von Nexans, das sich seiner Verantwortung als Industrieunternehmen bewusst ist. Zu den Initiativen, die Nexans als zukunftsorientiertes, nachhaltig wirtschaftendes Unternehmen positionieren, gehören kontinuierliche Innovationen in den Bereichen Produkte, Lösungen und Dienstleistungen, die Weiterbildung und Einbindung der Mitarbeiter sowie die Anwendung von sicheren und umweltschonenden Industrieprozessen. Die global agierende Nexans-Gruppe ist mit 23.700 Mitarbeitern in 40 Ländern vertreten und erzielte 2010 einen Umsatz von mehr als 6 Milliarden Euro. Das Unternehmen ist an der NYSE Euronext in Paris (Compartment A) notiert. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter oder