Nexans to deliver High Density fibre solutions for FTTH implementation in Stockholm

Paris, September 11, 2007 – Nexans, the worldwide leader in the cable industry, has signed a two-year frame agreement with AB Stokab, the owner of Stockholm's ‘Citynet’ broadband infrastructure, to deliver fibre optical equipment worth approximately 1 million euro for the city’s FTTH (fibre-to-the-home) programme.

In order to house and support the vast number of optical fibres that have to be installed and managed in often confined spaces, Stokab has selected Nexans’ N3S High Density fibre system. The Nexans N3S System (3S = SSS = Space Saving Solution) allows installation and handling of a large number of optical cross-connections in a very small space (footprint), which is necessary to enable every apartment in a dense city environment to be provided with its unique pair of fibres.




Important breakthrough in Nexans' approach for FTTH projects

This agreement is an important breakthrough for Nexans' approach to the construction of the physical infrastructure for FTTH projects.  Stokab, the sole Citynet owner in Stockholm, will use the Nexans equipment for the planned expansion of the city’s WAN (wide area network) into network access structures that will connect directly to fibre LANs (local area networks) in residential buildings.

Nexans has been a regular, major supplier to Stokab for more than 10 years. Stefan Olsson, Nexans' Country Manager in Sweden said: “We are very pleased that Stokab, as a leading Citynet operator in Europe, selected Nexans as its partner for this project, basing its decision not only on our quality and product range, but also on our innovative approach, which we believe is at the forefront of today's FTTH development”.

A long-term and global collaboration

The frame agreement also covers other equipment such as pre-fabricated sub-racks, patch cords and cables, fanouts, and splicing closures. These, as well as the N3S components, will be manufactured by selected partners to Nexans' local Swedish unit in Grimsås. Deliveries will start immediately.

It also includes an option for extension for a further two years. Nexans also expects it to be followed by other contracts and agreements as Stokab, or their appointed contractors, continue to build FTTH connections. Stokab has a contract with the three biggest property owners in Stockholm to install FTTH in 100,000 apartments.

In addition to this frame agreement, Nexans will also deliver approximately 1,500 km of fibre optic cables as part of its previous projects with Stokab. These optical cables, manufactured at Nexans plant in Grimsås, use ribbon fibre technology which is also an efficient and space saving solution.

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About Stokab

Stokab is an IT infrastructure company owned by the City of Stockholm, with the purpose of stimulating economic growth in the Stockholm and Lake Mälar Region by providing an open and competition-neutral fibre network. Stokab offers fibre optic communication solutions on equal terms to operators, companies and public organisations that need data communication.

Über Nexans in der Schweiz

Mit Energie als Grundlage ihrer Entwicklung bietet Nexans, der weltweit führende Kabelhersteller und Global Player auf den Märkten Infrastruktur, Industrie und Bauwesen, eine umfangreiche Palette von Kabeln und Kabellösungen an. Nexans Schweiz AG (600 Angestellte/3 Standorte) ist ein Unternehmen dieses Konzerns. Nexans ist auf unterschiedliche Marktsegmente ausgerichtet, die von Energie, Transport und Telekommunikation über Schiffbau, Öl und Gas, Kernkraft, Automobilindustrie und Elektronik bis hin zu Luft- und Raumfahrt, Handling und Automatisierung reichen. Mit Herstellungsbetrieben in über 30 Ländern und Büros und Vertretungen weltweit beschäftigt Nexans insgesamt 21 000 Mitarbeiter und hat 2006 einen Umsatz von 7,5 Mrd. Euro erwirtschaftet. Nexans ist ein an der Pariser Börse notiertes Unternehmen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter: