Façade and pole solution – Extraction techniques

Façade and aerial fibre distribution
Pragmatic and efficient

Build your FTTH network with KINOPTIC solutions

KINOPTIC façadeApplication

This global offer of cables & components meets the requirements of deploying in areas made dense by the addition of small buildings or adjoining individual houses. In this kind of environment, façade or aerial deployment represents a pragmatic and efficient way to deploy while avoiding costly civil works.

Short description of the solution

The installation is done in 2 main phases:

  • The “Home passed” phase
  • The “Home connection” phase 

The “Home passed” Phase

  • Install the primary and secondary distribution cables on the Façade
  • Install the distribution “OutDrop boxes” on the Façade (see below)
  • Install the customer connecting boxes – MCO Box (see below)
  • Splice the primary cable fibres to the secondary cable nanocables in the OutDrop
  • Extract nanocables in the secondary cable and coil them in the MCO Box


The “Home connection” Phase

  • Introduction of the nanocable inside the customer ‘s house
  • Installation of network termination point (@XS outlet) 


Benefits of the solution

Where civil works represent very high costs, this façade deployment is a credible alternative.

  • Fast to deploy
  • Aesthetic solution : small boxes and a minimum of micro cables
  • No cable bundles
  • Flexible solution: fibers available for all homes between two splicing boxes
  • Spare fibres in secondary cable are available for all homes
  • Customer connections: no splicing and only short cable installation in outside plant
  • Quick and reduced disturbance provisioning
  • No connectors in the outside plant