Underground solution - Blowing techniques

B-Lite™ Micro-blown cables
High speed and long reach in access networks

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Short description of the solution

Micro-blown cables are compact and low friction cables that can be installed inside microducts. These microducts have a smaller size (typically 8/10mm) compared with traditional ducts (45/50mm). Nexans micro-blown cables allow an optimization of the duct occupancy rate and provide a better cable / fiber optic density.

Advantages of the solution

Fast installation

  • More flexible infrastructure
  • The installation of microducts is done in a one step process. The possibility to have separate microducts allows to have individual cable management and to optimize the fibre count in different sectors of the network

Fast & Easy cable installation and removal

  • Blowing speed of 60 meter per minute
  • Easy removal without disturbing the other cables as the cable is in an individual microduct

Compact cables

  • The drums are lighter and easier to move
  • Cable coiling is much easier

Long reach installation

  • Low friction coefficient is optimized with lubricant input
  • The distance is then much longer compared to traditional duct installation

Easy mid span access

  • Special toolingSpecial toolings have been developed to remove in a safe way the external sheath
  • The micro bundle structure is easy to remove with a direct access to the fibres
  • This structure is thus optimized for frequent mid span access (urban connexions)
  • The bundle structures provide an easy coiling and avoid kink issues


  • Possibility to push on 100+ meters
  • The cable can be pushed manually of mechanically for fibre to home access without the need of air compressor


Micro cables and duct accessories


Micro cables Direct burreid microducts Gas stop connector Manhole with coiling section
Micro cables Direct burried microducts Gas stop connector Manhole with coiling section


Components and installations


Compatibility Table
Nexans reference Fibre count Cable overall diameter (mm) Bundle Modularity Pulling force (daN)
 SP1134 – 4 FO 4 2.4  Uni bundle 12
 SP1089 – 12 FO 4 - 12 3.9 Uni bundle 15
 SP1100 – 72 FO 24 - 72 5.4 6 x 8 or 6 x 12 70
 SP1351 – 96 FO 96 6.4 8 x 12 100
 SP1358 – 144 FO 144 8.1 12 x 12 150
 SP1503 – 192 FO 192 8.5 8 x 24 170
 SP1516 – 288 FO  288 10.5 24 x 12 200


Nexans reference  Cable Overall Diameter  3.5 mm  5.5 mm 8 mm  10 mm  12 mm  14 mm
 SP1134 – 4 FO  2.4            
 SP1089 – 12 FO 3.9            
 SP1100 – 72 FO  5.4            
 SP1351 – 96 FO  6.4            
 SP1358 – 144 FO  8.1            
 SP1503 – 192 FO  8.5            
 SP1516 – 288 FO  10.5            


     Optimized dimensional compability      Acceptable dimensional compability
     To be avoided      Incompatible


Scheme of a typical installation

Blowing of microcable in mid-span technic, using the Figaro

Blowing of microcable in mid-span technic, using the Figaro.