Multidwelling solution – Multi-operator architectures

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Short description of the solution

Multi-operator architecturesPMI/PRI product range :

  • Interface between Operator network & subscriber network
  • Share 1 or several fiber per subscriber
  • Between several operator

Since the deployment of the last miles represents huge investments, this solution allows :

  • sharing investments among several operators
  • improving payback by proposing other operators a subscriber access offer
  • convincing buildings owners to deploy by showing compatibility with all services from all players.

Simple concept :

  • On the privative side, every single fibre connected to a potential subscriber is going to the rear part of a patch panel.
  • On the front side of the same patch panel, any operator can connect its own fiber.

Fully compatible with PON or Point to Point architecture.

Benefits of the solution

Wide range :

  • indoor/outdoor
  • Cabinet (PMI)/ Frame(PRI maxi) / wall box (PRI)
  • 1 or several fibers/subscriber
  • Product range by number of subscribers.

Modular and progressive concept:

  • Initial investment for:
    • - the connection of the subscriber’s fiber
    • - 1rst operator module
  • Compatible with additionnal operators, that needs to invest on demand in their own module

Demarcation point between :

  • Operator’s network
  • Subscriber’s network

So this solution includes 2 different locked areas :

  • the privative area installed at once and rarely re-accessed (maintenance only)
  • the operator area for the subscriber connections or disconnections.

Can be provided pre-cabled (preconnectorised vertical cable, splitter) for fast installation.

Scheme of a typical installation

Scheme of a typical installation

Product architecture

Product architecture