Multidwelling solution – Blowing techniques

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Short description of the solution

Blowing techniquesNexans’ blown fibre cable, GALDV, is installed using the blowing method, in micro ducting with an internal diameter of 2.8–3.5 mm. The micro cable and the HFFR tube are fire resistant and delivers excellent performance indoor aswell as outdoor. The micro cable has a protective sheath that makes it withstand the moisture that often collects in tubes, and wide temperature fluctuations.

In this solution we have gathered all the components and cables (not including the micro duct) needed for making an installation with blowing techniques in a multi dwelling unit.

At the subscriber premises we have a pre-terminated outlet, or if you prefer an empty outlet were you can make the installation by yourself.

The cable can be delivered in a card board box with up to 2000 meters or as a pre-terminated cable with connectors and outlet.

The choice of components in the building node depends on the selected installation method.

The choice of whether to use splicing or patching in the building node is a tradeoff between cost and the need for a clear interface between the network owner (incoming cable) and the owner of the property network (property owner).

Advantages of the solution

  • When ducting is routed it is quickly and easily to connect customers as needed.
  • If pre-terminated cable is used installation will proceed very quickly.
  • Easy to replace cable when fault occur.
  • Installation of ducts can be performed by a non-skilled person.

Benefits of the solution

  • Easy to replace the cable when problem occurs.
  • Easy to replace the cables independently of other subscribers.
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Pre-termineted cables can be used.
  • The ducts can be installed by a non-skilled person.