Multidwelling solution – Riser extraction techniques

Short description of the solution

Riser extraction techniquesNexans Multidwelling solution offer cables, components and engineering for high or low density buildings. This solution has been designed to meet requirements for single operator or mutualised fibre operators network.

Key constraints for the Multi-dwelling solution:

  • Need for CAPEX optimisation even with buildings with low penetration
  • Need for fast deployment solution
  • Need to respect aesthetics rules of privative areas
  • Need for maintainable equipments & solutions during the fibre life-time

Advantages of the solution

Nexans has developed a solution using a permanent access on the vertical cable. It allows spreading out the deployment in 2 phases.

The Home Passed ready - Phase 1

Installation of basement box on the wall

Installation of the vertical riser cable through all the floors.

The Drop on Demand - Phase 2

The Home Passed readyThe second phase aims to connect one by one every new subscriber. To extract a fiber from the riser cable, select it inside the cable and cut it at the upper floor. Then extract it from at the lower floor, and install a floor box.

There are 2 main types of riser cables:

  • Riser cables made of several microsheaths of 250 μm fiber. A microsheath is extracted at a time.
  • Riser cables made of individual Nanodrops containing a single 1mm fiber but reinforced with kevlar. Thus the nanodrop can be individually extracted over a long length, and then installed in a MiniRouteFloor.

The connection between the subscriber and the floor is preferably done, by deploying a preterminated subscriber kit. The outlet is fixed on the subscriber wall and the drop cable is unrolled and fixed down to the floor box, where it is spliced.

Benefits of the solution

The Home Passed ready phase

Ultra fast deployment transforming in a single phase, all the subscribers of the building into eligible subscribers Reduced CAPEX:

  • installation time and needed equipment significantly reduced
  • no waste of cable coil at each floor

The Drop on Demand Phase

Time efficient drop deployment:

  • The preterminated subscriber kit offers great time savings with a reliable product, tested in factory
  • A unique splice at the floor (by using also preterminated riser cables)


Human care:

  • Flame retardant and Zero halogen
  • Laser protection at the terminal outlet level
  • Careful aesthetics of the outlets

Components & installations

Components & installations

Scheme of a typical installation

Scheme of a typical installation

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