ODF Solution - Open Frame

the other fibre management at the Central Office

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FTTH means at least 1 fiber per subscriber, but it also means a huge number of fibers leaving the network concentration nodes or at the Central Office. Those fibers leaving the Central office must be patched downstream to splitter branches (in case of PON networks) or directly to active equipments. Thus a smart and efficient fibre management is really needed to create and maintain the optical links in between. Indeed a central office is a living area where connections and patching need to be done, undone and redone.

The OpenFrame and the open racks really bring an effective answer, especially for dense locations.

 Open frame

Short description of the solution

Many different type of managements are possible at the Point of Presence, but when the number of fibres becomes important, the fibres are normally organised according to where they going from/to. Thus in such configuration, there is at least 1 dedicated open frame for:

  • All the fibres coming from the active equipments
  • All the fibres going to the subscribers (the local loop)
  • All the fibres coming from alternative players (if any) 

Each open frame can receive, one by one, when needed, additional open racks.

The open racks can be delivered

  • either as a single module,
  • or as an “open cable head” containing a predefined number of modules
  • 250 mm high cable head

A full product range of modules is available depending on the function:

  • Splicing function (no adapters)
  • Patching function (with a preconnectorised cable)
  • Combined (patching and splicing) function (pigtails or preconnectorised splitters)

 Single module open rack


Benefits of the solution

  • Open frameEnhanced fibre Management in dense locations
  • Management that allows to upgrade the infrastructure module by module
  • Answer for limited space locations > Compact modules and cable heads (it is not always possible to install an ODF, too high, too large)
  • Answer for high roof locations, where ODFs are generally limited to 2.20m
  • Rationalize and simplify the installation procedures by using the same products everywhere many fibres need to be managed : shelter, but also cabinet, or wall box
  • Open frames can be fixed on the ground with cable heads back to back