ODF Solution – Opteasy

Opteasy high density cabling system for point-to-point (P2P) multifibre networks

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Construction principle

OPTEASY components are dedicated to high density P2P networks, as well as combinations between P2P connections for professional users and PON technologies (GPON & WDM-PON) for private users.

Opteasy components are available in 3 different shapes :

  • Distribution frames for central offices and indoor hubs
  • Street cabinets combinations for outdoor hubs
  • Wall mount cabinets or rack cabinets for Building Entry Points (BEPs)
street cabinet for distribution hubs, combinations possible between P2P - GPON / WDM - PON
Building Entry Point (for P2P networks in this case)

Advantages of the solution

For the all these cabinets types, it was also necessary to increase the density of the connectorisation panels.

For this 2 important elements have been introduced :

  1. LC connectors, which allow to do double the density of connectors on standard panels
  2. Fiberart modules, to increase the density and user friendliness of the splicing operations 

To house these new solutions, a new family of frames and cabinets was developed by Nexans, under the name of Opteasy High Density solution. The main components can be found in the item list at the end of the document.

Basically there are 2 families of HDODF (High Density Optical Distribution Frames), Opteasy 2016 and Opteasy 1008. The access distribution cabinets are divided into 3 families : Opteasy Access XI, Opteasy Access XII and Opteasy Access XIII, and building entry points are available with only splice modules (cassettes or FiberArt modules) or with any combination of splice modules, splitters, fan-outs and splitters (To be defined case by case). 

High Density Optical Distribution Frames and distribution cabinets

The basic modules for the distribution frames and cabinets are either :

Distribution panels with 288 LC connections and 4 FiberArt splicing modules
Distribution panels with 144 LC connections and 2 FiberArt splicing modules
Pure splicing modules for up to 576 splices per module
Cable reserve patching module

 Opteasy Pack 288 LCAPC  Opteasy Pack 144 LCAPC  Opteasy Splice  Opteasy Range
Opteasy Pack 288 LCAPC  Opteasy Pack 144 LCAPC  Opteasy Splice Opteasy Range 

Components & installations

The frames can either be standard 19” frames of the market, which can reach a density of 1’008 optical LCAPC connections for the standard height of 2’200mm. But if we can use our standard design, with frames dimensions 1’200 x 2’200 x 300 (WxHxD), we can host up to 2’016 connectors.

Opteasy 2016 HDaODF frame for progressive equipment

Opteasy 1’008 HDODF Frame typical cabling Patching system out of the Opteasy HDODF frame

Opteasy 2016 HDaODF frame for progressive equipment

Opteasy 1’008 HDODF Frame typical cabling

Patching system out of the Opteasy HDODF frame

The distribution cabinets Opteasy Access XI, XII, and XIII can respectively host up to 144, 288 and 864 connectors (LCAPC) :