FTTH - KINOPTIC solutions


According to Jackob Nielsen, a worldwide expert in the Internet usage, the need for bandwidth is increasing over 50% every year. Since 1983, year of its publication this law remains valid. Nowadays videos are much pulling this demand up.

The optical fibre is the best candidate to achieve networks able to cope with today’s high demand while being future proof for the new bandwidth-intensive services.
All over the world, Nexans supports the telecom players in building these new optical networks. We have a recognized expertise in designing complete solutions that smartly combine optical cables & telecom components.

Knowing that local constraints lead to specific requirements, our Research and Development Department applies to making each solution really efficient in each case (capex optimization, size optimization, installation time reduction, maintenance ready, future proof, etc.)

Naturally, through this continuous improvement, Nexans innovates and already totals up more than 60 patents, only in the optical field.

KINOPTIC™ is the result of this innovation in combining cables and components in smart solutions. The different solutions are described according to their network location: in the Central Office, in the Distribution Network, or in the Subscriber Premises. Each solution is independent and fully compatible with the other solutions. Thus, building your network is as simple as a construction set: for each network segment, pick up the bricks according to your particular environment, and that’s it!