Balance Of Plant (B.O.P.)

Includes offices, warehouses, workshops, emergency diesel generators, spent fuel storage, outside transformer, etc.: averages 600 km of cables per unit.


MV XLPE cables for ducts and tunnels

  • For the energy backbone to maintain power in all circumstances for surveillance, management, comfort, safety and control.
  • Includes the diesel backup system in case of power failure.

Nexans provided energy cables for the diesel generating sets in Mochovce 3+4 (Slovakia), Changjiang 1+2 (China) and others.

nuclear illu MV XLPE for ducts and tunnels

LV building cables

  • A wide range of proven building cables for every power need
  • Application : from lighting to heating, from PCs to cleaning equipment.

Nexans LV flat cables, with movable junction boxes, are ideal for modular corridors and warehouses.

 nuclear illu LV building cables

Advanced LANs/WANs

  • Copper and/or fiber optic networks for general management and telecommunications.
  • As with the two Islands, a very wide range of applications can be highly centralized.

Nexans has provided complete LANs in French NPPs.

nuclear illu advanced LAN WAN
Active equipment for copper and fiber-based networks
  • Switches and converters for cable ducts, work stations, and outside installation.

Also provides power-over- Ethernet for IP cams, VoIP phones and WLAN applications.

nuclear illu active equipment

Bus/Profibus/Profinet cables

  • ASI-bus cables provide signal transmission for building security, lighting and indoor climate control
  • Profibus delivers 12 Mbits/s for complex control
  • Industrial Profinet cables offer 100 Mbit/s (Fast Ethernet) which fully merges control and operational functionalities.

Outside plant can withstand tough weather conditions, including extreme heat and cold.

nuclear illu bus profibus profinet cables

Public address cables

  • High-performance loudspeaker cable for reliable public announcements and emergency instructions.

These silver-copper cables deliver a full sound spectrum and continue to function during a fire.

nuclear illu public address cables