The nuclear island

Houses the nuclear core, steam generator and support systems which feed the turbine in the Conventional Island: averages 1,800 km of fire-retardant and halogen-free cables per unit.

nuclear illu  LV MV energy cablesLV/MV energy cables

  • 1 kV to 10 kV cables
  • used to power all the pumps, including the primary ones which move water between the reactor vessel and the steam generators in the containment area.

Nexans produced K3 and K1 cables for operation and automatic shutdown for the EPR Taishan 1+2 project in China.

nuclear illu control cablesControl cables

  • 500 V to 1,000 V control cables
  • provide control for :
    • primary pumps,
    • safety valves,
    • chemical and volume control,
    • residual heat removal,
    • containment sprinkling system (EAS),
    • primary waste treatment,
    • ventilation,
    • air-conditioning,
    • ... etc.

Since nuclear power plant cables must offer higher reliability than ordinary cables, insulation and design are optimized to last up to 60 years, as required for EPR Flamanville (France), and Taishan (China).

nuclear illu instrumentation sensor cablesInstrumentation / sensor cables

  • Individually or collectively screened multi-pair, triad or quad cables
  • used for constant system surveillance by measuring steam pressure, water and component temperature, liquid levels, flow rates, and vibration, etc.

Nexans instrumentation/sensor cables can be bi-metallic (for thermocouples) and are designed according to K1 and K3 requirements to offer maximum reliability during normal operating conditions and in the event of incidents and accidents.

nuclear illu control room cablesControl room cables

  • With over 100,000 connections throughout the power plant, these cables are its nervous system
  • These cables transmit all crucial energy and information:
    • from low voltage systems for lighting, ventilation and climate
    • to measurement, control and telecommunications cables for safe operations.

Nexans furnished all control and instrumentation cables for the control room of Mochovce 3+4 (Slovakia), and others.