Nexans showcases innovative weight-saving cable solutions developed to improve aircraft performance

Nexans offers a unique total solution approach and continues to support aircraft manufacturers in their drive for innovative solutions that can reduce weight and size of aircraft cables while maintaining excellent performance, safety and reliability. Among the latest Nexans developments on show at Le Bourget are new-generation smooth wrapped-tape insulated cables together with lightweight aluminum-based cables.

Nexans-aero cableParis, June 17, 2013 - Nexans, a worldwide expert in the cable industry, places a key emphasis on constant innovation to meet the changing needs of OEM customers, who increasingly demand ever lighter and smaller cables that still maintain maximum performance, safety and reliability. The Group has developed a comprehensive product portfolio that covers every aerospace requirement, from airframe wires and cables to fire-zone and high-temperature cables, from power feeders to coaxial, databus, quad Ethernet and optical fiber for IFE (In Flight Entertainment) and sub-systems. The latest results of this ongoing program of innovation are on show at Le Bourget in the form of smooth wrapped-tape insulated cables together with weight saving cables that replace traditional copper cores with an aluminum alloy.

In addition to the new aerospace cables, visitors to Booth G65 in Hall 2B can also see Nexans’ complete range of aviation cable solutions – from aircraft electrical power and control systems to airfield lighting and right through to passenger terminal infrastructure.

Smooth cables meet the challenges of high-density wiring

Circuit density is a particular concern for aircraft wiring, mainly for its effect on the thermal stability and mechanical properties of the tape-wrap insulation used in wire assemblies, and the weight these assemblies add to aircraft.

Nexans has developed a smoother surface tape wrap insulation system that overcomes these and other problems associated with the installation of high-density wiring. Unlike competitive tapes, the new material provides high thermal resistance, increased mechanical properties, fast wrapping rates, improved installation and handling features as well as weight savings.

An important advantage of the smooth cables are that they are easy to install and can be pulled through the airframe structure without the risk of damage caused by snagging. The tough PTFE surface also resists tears, cuts and abrasion, which reduces the potential for installation damage to the harness and collateral damage to wires. The smooth surface is also ideal for UV laser marking for cable identification.

However, the key benefit of smooth cables is their thermal stability. The insulation system’s thermal rating is 260ºC, which is 30 percent higher than the 200ºC heat resistance of most extruded or cross-linked insulated products.

This elevated heat resistance allows airframe designers to bundle a greater number of different wires together, even if it means pushing more current through the assembly. The thermal and mechanical properties also allow the product to be applied across the entire aircraft rather than in specific locations, with applications including landing gear, fuel tanks and wing assemblies.

By taking advantage of the higher thermal rating and higher current carrying capability, the Nexans smooth cables enable wire harnesses to be smaller and up to 30 percent lighter than other technologies. The smooth wire technology is already specified for wire harnesses in three programs: the Boeing F-15, Lockheed Martin F-35, and Gulfstream G650 business jet.

Aluminium-based cables reduce weight by 35 percent

Aluminium cables are well established in aviation power cable applications, where their lighter weight, compared with traditional copper-core cables, offers important advantages. Nexans has now extended the weight-saving advantages of aluminium cables to other  aircraft ranges.

The Nexans aluminum cables are already installed on several European and North American aircraft families.

Total solutions approach

Nexans offers a unique total solutions approach that has enabled it to establish a position as a key cable system supplier for aircraft OEMs throughout the world. In addition to the design, manufacture and supply of the cables, Nexans can provide comprehensive engineering development support, supply chain and inventory management, customized packaging, cables pre-cut to length, guaranteed express delivery and recycling of used materials.




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 Nexans exhibits at Paris Air-Show 2013 - Le Bourget - June 17-23

50th International Paris Air Show
Le Bourget
June 17-23 2013
Hall 2B Booth G65


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